Birmingham firm builds new chapter in the midst of COVID-19

Birmingham, Ala. — L’Tryce Slade found herself at a pivotal juncture in life in 2006.

After completing law school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Slade came to Birmingham to work for a law firm on a case. When that case ended, she did what people do: She set out to find another job. But again, and again, the suggestion came back that she should create her own firm based on her unique expertise and experience, which includes communications, regional planning and environmental law.

Slade Land Use, Environmental, and Transportation LLC was born. It has evolved into being one of few woman-owned general contracting firms in the South, specializing in construction management, environmental, construction material testing, geotechnical and urban planning services.

“Initially, all I desired was a job,” Slade said. “But, as I continued to interview, it was apparent that others believed that with my talent level, I should start my own business, and here we are years later discussing Slade Land Use, Environmental, and Transportation LLC.”

Initially, Slade’s parents urged her to find more stability, and she indeed kept looking for a job after founding her firm. Now, she has accepted the calling on her life to be an entrepreneur.

Slade has worked tirelessly to build the reputation of her firm, one project at a time. “We’re still in business all of these years later because our clients trust us as the foremost experts in our industry,” she said.

Like many others, Slade’s business was tested early this year as COVID-19 swept through the country, tremendously impacting the small business community. While some businesses struggled and even closed, Slade adapted her business to the crisis at hand.

Recalling a philosophy embraced by the late A.G. Gaston — find a need and fill it — Slade created a COVID Response Division. The division focuses on providing social distancing products, COVID-19 remediation cleaning, personal protective equipment, innovative technology to detect COVID-19 in facilities within 90 seconds, and cameras that provide temperature readings for groups of people at one time.

Slade navigated this period with help from emergency funds provided through BhamStrong. The local relief fund was launched last spring through the city of Birmingham’s Office of Innovation and Economic Opportunity.

The local loan fund included $1.2 million approved by the City Council and an additional $1 million from area businesses. BhamStrong oversaw the public-private fund along with the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham and the Birmingham Business Resource Center.

The funds allowed Slade to sustain and expand her business during this challenging year — and allowed her to provide valuable services that help other businesses keep their doors open as well.

Finding herself once again at a pivotal juncture, Slade incorporated the COVID crisis into her business plan and demonstrated the importance of “remaining resilient through the tough times.”

Slade Land Use LLC is located at 1500 1st Ave. North, Unit 54, Birmingham, AL 35203. For more information, call 866–925–5742 or visit the company’s website.